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​might quitlyrics

Produced by Bill Wurtz
[Verse 1] It’s the first day of school And I think I might quit ‘Cause the things I’ve been seeing in here don’t make sense So I packed up my things And I walked through the door And I’m going somewhere else instead [Verse 2] So, I chopped down some trees And I built a small house And I just might be small enough to live in it Then the rain came pouring down And it made some cool sounds And they’ll tell you what those sounds said [Chorus 1] Said, “Hello” and “Goodbye,” “Do you feel alright with the days gone by?” I’ll never waste my time, I’ll never say goodbye Yes, I will, but I won’t say it tonight [Verse 3] So I picked a new character And I’ve just chose my shirt And I’m going to the Land of the Two Letter Words On in up at or so, by if to of no it It’s a feeling we can’t forget [Chorus 2] Said, “Hello” and “Goodnight,” “Do you feel alright?” “Do you remember the days gone by?” “Do you remember the way that we dreamed we could change our lives?” “Do you feel like changing your mind?” [Verse 4] It’s the first day of school And I think I might quit ‘Cause the things that I’m feeling still don’t make sense And I’ve tried to explain And it hurts to describe So I’ll sing this song instead [Instrumental break] [Chorus 3] Hello and goodbye Do you think I’m dying? Do you think I’m going somewhere else this time? Do you remember the day we pretended to be every star in the sky? [Outro] It’s the first day of school, but I think I might quit Gonna learn some new lessons I won’t forget Gonna write them all down In the language of love And I’ll teach them to everyone


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Bill Wurtz
Bill Wurtz
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