​monday riddles and pop quizzes

​monday riddles and pop quizzes LYRICS

​monday riddles and pop quizzeslyrics

Produced by Bill Wurtz
Shows the video title “monday riddles and pop quizzes”. Asks the viewer “what’s a shirt”, answers ”itself”. Asks the viewer “what time was it”, answers “10:15”. Asks the viewer “how’s your summer going”, answers “resonably good”. Asks the viewer ”explain math”, answers “things equal stuff usually”. Asks the viewer “what’s the future”, answers “i’ll tell you later”. Asks the viewer “why is the sky blue”, answers “it’s not”. Asks the viewer “how am i driving, call 1-800-i-suck-at-driving”, answers “pretty good”. Asks the viewer “should i go to work tomorrow”, answers “that depends if you have a job”. Asks the viewer “do you like flowers”, answers “no but i like them better than bugs”. Asks the viewer “what is the meaning of the universe”, answers “i think you said that backwards”. Colourful text shown as “congratulations, i hope you got a good score.”


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Written By
Bill Wurtz
Bill Wurtz
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