​sometimes i (whatever)

​sometimes i (whatever)

​sometimes i (whatever)lyrics

Produced by Bill Wurtz

BILL WURTZ: It’s time to make the thing, for Thursday. BILL WURTZ: I want it to be a really good thing. I want it to be a really crazy thing… Can’t think of anything. BILL WURTZ: Come on. Searches “pants bread” on the Finder in OS X. BILL WURTZ: Free video ideas, yeah. BILL WURTZ: Okay. “beans”, yeah, whatever. “this is the road”, “maybe I’ll get out of here someday”. “bread”, “tape”, “i’m on my floor”, done. BILL WURTZ: Okay, so we have “hang me”, “writing a letter to you-” CHORUS: I’m writing a letter to you on my floor. BILL WURTZ: “sometimes I stand in my room”, sometimes I stand in my room, sometimes I … whatever. Sometimes I whatever. BILL WURTZ: I can’t think of anything. Presses the touchpad on the MacBook Pro to stop recording. CHORUS: Sometimes I whatever.


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Bill Wurtz
Bill Wurtz
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