​the high class stuff

​the high class stuff

​the high class stufflyrics

Produced by Bill Wurtz

PAUL MCCARTNEY: I was always frightened of classical music. And I never wanted to listen to it. PAUL MCCARTNEY: A taxi driver the other day had some sheet music of a Mozart thing, PAUL MCCARTNEY: And I said, “What’s that?” You know, and he said PAUL MCCARTNEY: “Oh, hoh.” “Oh well, that’s the high-class stuff. You won’t like that.” He said PAUL MCCARTNEY: “No no, you won’t like that.” I said PAUL MCCARTNEY: “Well, what is it?’, you know. He said “Oh no, you won’t like it. You know, it’s high-class, that.” And uh, that kind of way I always used to think of it. I used to think “Well you know, that’s very clever, all that stuff.” And it isn’t! You know, it’s just exactly what’s going on in pop at the moment. PAUL MCCARTNEY: Pop music is the classical music of now.

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Bill Wurtz
Bill Wurtz
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