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Produced by Bill Wurtz

[Intro] Yeah (Clears throat) This is a studio in Metropolitan Avenue, at Lorimer Street Yeah, sunny day [Verse 1] Well, I got three months to write a song, to write a song for you And I’m gonna take my time and say exactly what I mean Damn, seems like writing songs is a lot like being in prison And I realize that the only one who put me there is me, yeah [Chorus 1] Got to break free, I need to break free But I only changed my mind again and then I’m left behind Oh, I wish that I could make up my mind again this time But my brain is still in black and white (Yeah, oh) [Verse 2] Oh, I think I used this melody one thousand times before And the worst part is that I’m not sure if I’m the one who wrote it Probably stole it from some song my mommy used to sing me Maybe it’s just something off the radio or TV [Chorus 2] I got to break free, I need to break free Cause I cannot take the pain of being locked up this way One day you’ll find me in paradise, I’ll be saying what I need to say [Interlude] One more time, alright [Bridge] Say anything you want, to do anything you need Say what you mean, do what you mean Oh, please, please, please [Chorus 3] Got to break free I’ve so got to breathe, but I always lose my mind And then I’m standing in line I can’t remember the last time I truly said what was on my mind And I don’t mean to waste your time I wish that I could truly break free some time But freedom is hard to find [Outro] Freedom’s hard to find Baby, I’m trying Baby, I think I’m dying


the song song

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Written By
Bill Wurtz
Bill Wurtz
Recorded at
Lorimer Street @ Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
Interpolated by
The Song Song (bill wurtz cover) by Kevin Osmond (Ft. Bill Wurtz)
Cover by
The Song Song (bill wurtz cover) by Kevin Osmond (Ft. Bill Wurtz)
Remixed by
.the song songremix. by Kevin Osmond
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