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​unboxing video

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Produced by Bill Wurtz

HOST: Hey, so welcome to my unboxing, subscribe. TEXT ON SCREEN: [Hi Welcome 2 my Channel] HOST: Hi. It’s another unboxing video. Like and subscribe, thanks. Here we go. *opens first box* Damn it, it’s another box. I wonder what’s… *opens the second box* Oh, it’s a pair of cool sunglasses. CHORUS: Yea, baby, got cool sun-glasses. HOST: I think I’m gonna like these sunglasses because it improves: Self-esteem, hire-ability, interpersonal relationships- Next box. Already unboxed. There’s something inside… What is it? Dust. That’s a great product, I have that one at home. Are there any more boxes? Yes. There’s one more, it says “FRAGILE do not open” Hmmm… I wonder if- Well, thanks so much for doing the unboxing with us. CHORUS: If you find something in a box, just wait patiently And think carefully, and you just might figure out what the darn thing is. (what’s the darn thing)


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Bill Wurtz
Bill Wurtz
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