​what is love?

​what is love?

​what is love?lyrics

Produced by Bill Wurtz

CHORUS: What is love? NARRATOR: Fruit? No. Bread? No. Fruit and bread? Probably not. CHORUS: Is it a conversation? Shows a conversation between Jim and Pat (or Bob): Jim: hi Pat: hi Jim: hi Pat: hi Jim: do you like mice Pat: no Jim: bye Pat: bye , therefore identifying it is not love. CHORUS: Is it a fruitful sales deal? NARRATOR: Yes! (No!) Actually no (maybe). CHORUS: Is it a hearty breakfast? Shows a bowl of Pablao Rectangles!® NARRATOR: Mmm, my favourite brand. Scrolling through a list of items that are capable of love, including: i LOVE moms i LOVE the beach i LOVE electronics i LOVE the mexican nation i LOVE inside / outside baseball i LOVE crowd surfing i LOVE a warm night by the fire i LOVE early bollywood films i LOVE social justice i LOVE competitive vaping i LOVE stairs CHORUS: Is it a four-letter word that you can use in various ways that are mostly positive? CHORUS: Hell yeah.


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Bill Wurtz
Bill Wurtz
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