Wild Frolicking Adventures of Informational Education

Wild Frolicking Adventures of Informational Education

Wild Frolicking Adventures of Informational Educationlyrics

Produced by Bill Wurtz

The video opens with a lightbulb flashing “wfaoie”, and then switches to the title of the video in alternating fonts. NARRATOR: Got a map. I love these things. Let’s look at Greenland. It’s made of ice, it could melt, that would be pretty interesting– CHORUS: I’m getting ahead of myself! NARRATOR: If someone tells you they live in Greenland, they probably live in its capital city, Nuuk. CHORUS: Nuuk! NARRATOR: There’s a school, a bus, a mall, a church, and a very wavy building to do concerts. HANS EGEDE: I’ll be up here on a pedestal holding my stick. CHORUS (as Hans): I’m the founder! He’s the founder! HANS EGEDE: Guess where I’m from! That’s right, I came here to make everyone Christian. Someone did that before but it wore off so, I came here to do it again. It was a smashing success and now I’m a statue in three places. NARRATOR: Wanna know more about Greenland? Too bad, I’m going to tell you about Mexico. [Interlude] NARRATOR: Used to be bigger. Let’s go to Clipperton, never mind there’s nobody there. But there’s boobys if you’re interested! The capital of Mexico is Mexico City. Seems plausible. CHORUS: But wait, its Aztec! NARRATOR: That’s true, before Europe invaded, the Aztec capital of the world was right there. CHORUS: But then Cortés came and smashed it. NARRATOR: Meanwhile, still unsmashed is the Inca empire. A very powerful and unique empire. No wheels in this empire, very powerful nonetheless. Until, Fransísco Pízarro– CHORUS: Came and smashed it. NARRATOR: Join me now as I sail over the Andes mountains and contemplate the vast spiritual emptiness of doing a video without a topic. Surely, I’ve frolicked too hard. I shall search for my punishment. Here’s Antarctica, they must have lots of punishments there. Narrator arrives at an embassy in Antarctica. NARRATOR: Yes, hello I’d like to be punished. SECRETARY: Do you have an appointment? NARRATOR: No, I was just in the neighborhood and then– Narrator gets punished. NARRATOR: Hooray! Well, I guess that concludes this episode. And I know I forgot to talk about Velcro, but we’ll mention that in another episode. The outro music plays as the words on the screen read “science, engineering, technology, coherent topics.”


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Written By
Bill Wurtz
Bill Wurtz
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