I Think

I Think

I Thinklyrics

Produced by Seven

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne] I think very deeply Scary creepy, fairly geeky, rarely beefy But whoever the best is can barely beat me I think a lot of them are there beneath me Like a cherry piece, she see-pee Rock the hoe, drop the dough Now she begging me not to go, bitch I don’t care, release me I think that was my young life, I think now that I’m sun-bright Like the darker with some sight, coming from fright Gunfights releasing, gesundheit I think if your lips are running, thе blicks are brung in And I think if anybody fuck with Eminem or Royce, thе crips are coming It’s what I think [Verse 2: JL] When I think about it, what is harder? Squad at a goal like soccer Hat full of stars, no Lauper, ain’t no ceilings, Wayne Carter Something in the water Track full of bars, no shocker, back full of scars, no doctor Need to see me, I’m a rockstar Must have forgotten that I came from the bottom, know every shortcut like a barber shop And knots on my head like blaze, slick back, catch a fade You can get a box if a kid wanna play, get drug chop a loose end off in this lane I’ma light ’em up, brush ’em off then spray If you do rag on me for the wave Get your buzz-cut like clippers unplugged Nigga really studied every trick in the trade [Verse 3: Stevie Stone] Got a lot of options, my opps can tell you they all deleted That oxygen it be obsolete shit then all depleted Come a lot more rocka, I’m shooting vodka in coliseums They try to block ’em, my Kawasaki, you bottom feeders Don’t nobody really wanna come fuck with squad in pardon Far I’ma get ’em in a Harlem brawl, this laudin’ holler Mazel Tov He don’t want no problem, man, his problem’s off One headshot, it be vitals lost Himmi [Verse 4: Joey Cool] I think I’m finna be fine by the design, due to me time And it feed N9ne, see that he shine, the elite grind, so they be lying And they try to bring down but he keep climb And the noise getting out, better keep calm And they try to bring foul play and grime We all know that’s a lot, gotta rewind Joe Cool, he done went coastal, bragging about through Malibu, Noble Y’all really wanna know what he go through? Been a hoe, boo, soft flow back in ’02 What I’m thinking is that you niggas better back up Black on you niggas stack, homie better catch up Half of these niggas attack when they try’na test us Yapping, better get to scratch, nigga better bless up [Verse 5: King Iso] I think I’ma kick it with a thought for the night I ain’t talking ’bout no bitches, but I’m lost in my mind And I think a lot of niggas want the spot that is mine Put a dot on your eye just for crossing the line I think that I’m alone because the positive vibes And I think I got Corona, better toss me a line Because the suicide attempts, I think I’ve already died And your God is a liar, 2Pac is alive Think I sold more drugs than a doctor prescribes Doing two white lines like a new Dodge Viper I think rappers’ in the Matrix, do not cypher No kidding, but I gotta ask, “Who got diapers?” Yelling “Who up?”, I shoot up but feel like dice I think I’m too hot for you broads, and you not nicer Eatin’ goulash on new plates, do all China Going snake and bat shit like Wuhan diners [Verse 6: Krizz Kaliko] Kali Baby and this is my opinion Just getting by until he fly and claim his own dominion Not the fittest guy, I’m criticized, I smile but I’m pretending Look him up in his eyes, vitiligo, might have been a psycho, I feel different All of these niggas is just a derivative of me, I need ’em, I’m getting belligerent Who gave ’em tickets to pick off their fleas and they flick off more sweets that’s for feeding my children I’m just try’na stay sane, shit just ain’t the same I’m just saying “Somehow today I felt everything had changed” But I be believing in a minute [Verse 7: Jehry Robinson] All I really got is time, I’m a young buck Hit by both sides like a nun-chuck Been high, no lie, I’m a bum-fuck One touch and I’m throwing all these guns up We done did, motherfuckers never done stuff One puff and your eyes looking fucked up Deep cut with a knife, coming undone Tied up, all of ’em in a dungeon Run, run, is it really fun? It’s disgusting Hustling, I been on my grind, it’s a luck thing So I got no problems with all of these losers, these losers got problems with me Yeah I might just throw ’em a couple of dollars and tell ’em to go shoot capris You shooting at who? You shooting at me? This cannot be true, no, it cannot be [Verse 8: Wrekonize] I been sinking down into the depths like quicksand with a red stripe I been fucked before, so don’t trust the Lord, I got no faith for the blessed hype I got bars dropping like an airstrike, kinda hard for us to fare right? When the cream don’t really rise up like it used to Our clique is so consistent with the hits so you’d just have to be a skitzo To be unsure that ¡MAYDAY! is still the shit bro I calypso on your tombstone for even thinking you could take a snooze slow Y’all want a hit? Come holler at the goons, that’s what I think [Verse 9: Bernz] ‘Cause this one’s for the kids, this one’s for the kids, ignorance is bliss ‘Til they come for every little fucking thing, and ain’t that ’bout a bitch But I down a fifth, ’boutta make a hit Boutta get away to my cave and prepare for nuclear waste They always doing too much, always divide and conquer Got my Flor de Caña and flowers for Santa Barbara I’ma show you how, and I’m gon’ tell you ’til I come down I’ma go get me some indo- now, kill the noise when I make it loud [Verse 10: Maez301] Double entendre, mom said a mantra She off in division of energy, let me conquer Sickenin’ doctors, and hospices, moccasins while I’m taking call conferences Yeah you don’t got your heart in this, I bleed this, make enemies ovules Knocking the vision, ain’t nobody hot as this, rocking any bitch niggas talking shit Look, I’m a role model at this, no cuss words when I talk to the kids She give me brain like “Hop on this shit”, pussy and it’s feeling so we hop in this shit Passing the six, infinite bliss, heroine flow when I’m mopping at this Batman, no I’m Robin at this, ‘cept when the mask on, robbin’ his clique [Verse 11: Ubi] Keep it real fair while they still can’t understand how I could just kill a man Never realized I could see inside of a killer mind like I’m Will Graham Most certainly hold currency like a Brinks team, no security Curious why you ain’t never heard of me? ‘Cause I sink deep while they stirring tea Subterranean alien, stunned and gunning over greedy beats Fake bulletins, they full of shit, plumming, running under city streets Nothing worse than a pipe dream, want smoke? Better know that my team- With the hijinx that determ’ why eyes pink bruh You don’t wanna know what I think [Verse 12: Godemis] Why do they wanna be all on me like I was catering? Told ’em I play to win Haters who waited on me to be caving in gotta come up with a whole ‘nother way to win Dumping that paddle on top of the paint again, breaking the chain to get over the gate again Feeling so livid the minute I made it in, head over heels when they comin’ to hate on it But it never matted like the weather patterin’ So every father-fucking head I’m gathering is stones to wrap around the wrings of Saturn And I’m more than happy that I had to pack ’em in Get a dick fulla’ for fucking with the Deevil I’m a curse of the worst version of he who can eat people


Written By
Jehry Robinson, Seven, Godemis, UBI, Bernz, Wrekonize, King Iso, Joey Cool, Stevie Stone, Krizz Kaliko, JL, Tech N9ne
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