Phonk (Leave It on the Flo! Pt. 2)

Phonk (Leave It on the Flo! Pt. 2)

Phonk (Leave It on the Flo! Pt. 2)lyrics

Produced by Seven

[Chorus: Tech N9ne] Bet that We gon’ leave it on the flo’, leave it, leave it on the flo’ Motherfuckers better know, this thang is ’bout to blow I’m a real deal, you’s a ho, that’s fo’ sho’ I’ma leave it on the flo’ (Leave it) [Verse 1: Tech N9ne] Who’s this opp tryna lose his thoughts? Not Alzheimer’s, but y’all mind us when the tool gets popped Then all kinda dudes get dropped when they choose this plot You just watch what I heard when the music stopped [Verse 2: Merkules] Got this fully automatic causing static Everybody just get on the floor Anything goes, no foolery Give us your jewelry, wallets, and give us the dough This ain’t a hoax, I’m ready for war I’ma settle the score and then split through the door All of these women are trippin’ I think they been sniffin’ up coke, bring me the blow I’ma need all y’all phones out now You can set ’em all down right in front of you (Now) For my accomplice, if y’all pop shit Then you gettin’ hit up with a slug or two Bullets’ll body you, that’s what this gun’ll do If any one of you think you can fuckin’ move This shit ain’t funny, just give up the money And if you get lucky, my buddy’ll cut you loose Ask that freak slut with the D-cups What she’s hiding up under her titties It looks like a key to a safe I ain’t leavin’ this place ’til we find it, then shit’s gettin’ litty I feel no pity, sin city My trigger finger been gettin’ so itchy She better give up the code or get hit up for sho’ And no, I don’t think that you’re pretty Oh, that’s your girl on the floor, girl? Keep talkin’ shit, there’ll be no girl What can I say? I don’t come here to play Fuck you to your face, it’s a cold world Tell the DJ not to be brave Or I’m takin’ his tables for keepsakes Y’all keep playin’, but I need cake Like every day is my b-day (Haha) This the part I let you know that there’s a twist in this plot The stickup is hot, but the truth is I ain’t pissed off at y’all I figured I’d just take your shit when I’m here, so thanks, guys But where this millionaire rapper dude at named Tech N9ne? [Chorus: Tech N9ne] We ’bout to leave it on the flo’ (Leave it) Then hit ’em with the .44 (Bleedin’) Tryna stick me for my dough, I ain’t about to let it go I’ma leave ’em on the flo’ (Leave) [Verse 3: Scru Face Jean] Hallelujah, Tech called the shooter, I got the Ruger So drop the Luger, my dragon’s flames is as hot as Koopa’s This how I’ma do ya, move and you fucked like the Kamasutra Stand aside, you losers, if it’s smoke, I’ll provide the hookah I know grimy boosters who pushin’ weight like some kind of movers Called, they might remove ya, so move unless you kinda stupid Touch my G, you dyin’, don’t try it, don’t test this kind of movement Get to street fightin’, the heat fire like nine Hadoukens Like Ryu and Ken, okay, motherfucker, time to meet your end Bet that he froze when the heat blow, nigga, eat those Reload then I heat yo’ friends Fuck your ego, man, get the heater I’m about to stretch a bitch for Tecca N9na Call the cops, shit is getting hella lethal With the chalk, Etch-a-Sketchin’ hella people The red dot’s lookin’ like a set of measles Dead shot like a zombie gettin’ needles Hell nah, I ain’t ’bout to ever leave you Less talk, Tech, I’m ’bout to get this weasel Sounds hella evil, but don’t step to people When there’s something wrong with they brain I’m just tryna make sure my nigga leave in the same way that he came [Verse 4: Tech N9ne] Let’s get the fuck on My nigga proceeded to bust chrome when the dust gone Never trippin’ ’cause nothin’ was crushed on Now the cut flown ’til we touch home But these fools wanna squeeze tools But we speed through what they feed to The B dude with the cheese move So they greet gruel, tryna seek food Chose N9na for the dinner date (Chyeah) Tryna get away from the heat, we switchin’ lanes on the interstate Clout-chasing ass motherfuckers wanna take my name and break my fame (Chyeah) Wanna be funny because I make my chains and I state my claim When I hate, try game (Chyeah), I’ma be killing ’em when I take my aim (Chyeah) Pass me that so I can end the (Chyeah) energy trying to hinder When the punks approach, a nigga fend off Fin’ to buss on demons out the window Injure any demon, I’ma beast ’em (Chyeah) Do what I do and decease ’em They better flee from killers, no weak ones Attitude ’cause I never got a threesome By the power of my dead niggas, take lead, nigga (Die) Never stop me when the bullets fly No matter how hard you try Fucking weaklings felt the real fire my heat brings They flipped over the guardrail And wrapped around the concrete T-beam [Outro: Tech N9ne, Scru Face Jean, Both] Sanctuary Looked at my homeboy driving and said “Thank you very much for coming through in the clutch They better be glad we didn’t face off and then catch two in the gut” What? (Hahaha) Man, that was a close call Sweatin’ so much, I got soaked drawers (Yeah) I was finna do both of them bitches, but they both stalled Sayin’ they wanted a thrizzy with Tech Nizzie? Was a hoax, dawg (That’s fucked up) Fuck it, I got about sixty rolls still And this pound of fuckin’ dough’s ill Happy Halloween, my nigga, we supreme, my nigga We running things, my ni- Oh, shit

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Written By
Lucas Parker, Scru Face Jean, Seven, Merkules, Tech N9ne
Recorded at
Strangeland Studios and Merkules Music, Inc. in Comox, BC
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