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The latest drops and all the vibes are coming in hot every week, with new music dropping often for listeners to tune in and stream new tracks from many different artists. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a tough time for entertainers, especially rappers but the ruthless competitors in the game are not letting it stop them. Chasing the top spot and staying up there seems to be all the rage for these hip hop artists. It is interesting to see how younger artists are gaining positions and one of them recently landing on top. Let’s check out who hit number one and some other recent events that are flooding the media. 


Nav’s Good Intentions came in the top spot in what became to be a busy week on the Billboard 200 chart. This is Nav’s third studio effort earned 135,000 album units, of which 62,000 have been from streaming, and 73,000 came from album sales. The album sales had been almost entirely pushed using bundles that blanketed his brand’s new undertaking in its merch services. 

Good Intentions became the first projected album in a near battle for No. 1 at around 80,000 units; however, Nav’s merch/album package sales without a doubt surpassed all expectations. Billboard reports that Nav had as many as one hundred distinct bundles tied to his cutting-edge album. He was making the combination of the two a power package to the top of the charts.

The very last figures for Good Intentions were additionally supported with the aid of the release of a deluxe model with 14 new tracks, only a few days after he dropped the authentic 18-track project.

After Dark Lane Demo Tapes ended Drake’s decade-lengthy streak of projects debuting at No. 1, his new drop took another dip from second to third. In total, the tapes pulled in 77,000 SEA units, equaling 105.5 million on-demand streams, outperforming everybody else on the Billboard 200 this week. Billboard notes that Dark Lane Demo Tapes is accomplishing these numbers without imparting a single bundle. 

Tekashi 6ix9ine Calls Out Snoop Dogg 

Tekashi 6ix9ine has made a splash of a comeback to the music scene ever since he launched his first submit-jail single, GOOBA. If the general public thought that the rainbow-haired entertainer was quietly going to slink back and return into the rap sport, they would be shocked at the current antics. Tekashi 6ix9ine and his vivacious persona have come out of the gate full swing, attracting and instigating a lot of beef. Rap legend Snoop Dogg has made it clear that he disapproves of 6ix9ine’s current successes, continually declaring that the “GOOBA” rapper is a federal informant who’s a turncoat in opposition to his former gangster pals. 

Despite all of this, on Friday (May 15th), 6ix9ine introduced fuel to the fire by accusing Snoop of being a snitch and claiming that he served as an informant to the feds in Suge Knight’s criminal case. Snoop fired back with a comedic clip of Omar Rey as his individual, Pimpin Silky. Following 6ix9ine refusing to let up on his claims, Snoop knew he could not just ignore the situation. The OG first shared a video on Instagram, issuing a warning to 6ix9ine to depart for his own sake while calling him a “ratboy” and a “b*tch.” 

Lil Wayne

Unfortunately, Lil Wayne has become the victim of yet another massive leak of his work. Twelve songs, all titled with Chinese characters dropped on SoundCloud recently, exposing the possible new project. Previously, Wayne has claimed that the leaks were largely due to CD’s that were left in his car but with technology and hacking becoming more prevalent, who knows how the tracks really got leaked.

Summer Walker 

New music is what everyone is looking forward to these days and Summer Walker fans have a new project she’s working on on the way. The release date of her new EP has not been announced yet; however, it won’t stop fans from being hyped up and excited about the new music and vibes on the way. 

Ludacris & Nelly 

These two recently engaged in a Verzuz battle on Instagram live and they have both been getting trolled for what happened. While Ludacris was waiting for Nelly to join the live stream, he wanted to keep viewers entertained and played a snippet of one of his new songs titled Silence of the Lambs. Some of the first bars Ludacris delivers on the track, reference Bill Cosby and R. Kelly in the worst light, going on to say how the world is doomed if people are pouring drinks like Bill Cosby and how he loves R. Kelly but he’d be uncomfortable if his daughters were around him. Ludacris is already getting some backlash for the use of the two former entertainers in that manner. 

The issue with Nelly is entirely different. People are laughing at him and even making memes about him just due to the fact that his internet must be of poor quality. In the live stream, once Nelly joined, all you could see on his side of the screen was a pixelated figure dancing. Nelly also appeared to be a little buzzed and not taking the event seriously in any manner at all. 


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