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Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti break-up

This weekend (Oct. 24) Iggy took to social media with a surprising Instagram story expressing a dist...

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RapTV | November 01 2020 News 0

T.I. & Tiny Respond To Sexual Abuse Allegations

Over the past couple of days, major allegations made against T.I and Tiny are not being overlooked....

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RapTV | January 30 2021 News 0

Tory Lanez is Sticking With His Story

Tory hasn’t heard the end of it since his incident with Meg Thee Stallion and rightfully so, if the...

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RapTV | November 01 2020 News 1

Who is The Weeknd Dating?

With artists like The Weeknd, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with who they’re dating. We all have ou...

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RapTV | October 01 2020 Q and A 0

Top 10 Watch Brands Hyped Up By Rappers

Since the days of the Sugar Hill Gang and Run DMC, hip-hop culture has placed huge importance on lux...

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RapTV | July 08 2020 Rap Lists 0
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