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The state of #Oregon's heatwave has now killed 106 people😔 To put this into perspective, in a typical year, extreme heat is linked to the deaths of about 140 people across the entire country, according to NOAA. "We need people to check on their neighbors, especially seniors who may need a helping hand," President Biden had said earlier in the day Wednesday during a meeting with state and local leaders on the Western drought. "Outdoor laborers like our farmers and construction workers are going to need frequent water breaks and shade." The news of dozens of deaths follows reports that more than 1,000 people across the Pacific Northwest have been hospitalized in a brutal heat wave that has scorched the West Coast for more than a week. Temperatures have repeatedly hovered well above 100. Rest in peace to those who have lost their lives🙏 ...

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#UFC has just signed it's largest sponsorship deal ever with Crypto.com‼️👀 The contract consists of a 10 year, $175 million deal with the website, this being the UFC's first global fight kit partner, meaning the branding will appear on every fighter that steps in the octagon. How do y'all feel about this⁉️ ...

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What song y’all playing⁉️ Let’s hear it 🤔⬇️ 📷 @henryhwu ...

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#21Savage dropped “Issa Album” 4 years ago today🔥‼️ What’s your favorite song from the album⁉️🤔 ...

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Click the link in bio to watch on twitter‼️(Follow our twitter for all the content we’re not allowed to post here) Video of the #TravisScott and #MeekMill argument has surfaced👀‼️ What do y’all think about this⁉️🤔 📸 @josh.sobel & @theshootrr ...

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#JeffBezos wealth has hit a record of $211 Billion USD after the #Pentagon announced it was canceling a cloud-computing contract with #Microsoft‼️👀 The move raised Bezos’s fortune by $8.4 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The last time anyone in the Bloomberg ranking neared this amount was in January, when Tesla Inc.’s Elon Musk briefly hit $210 billion. The two men spent the first part of the year trading the top spot as the world’s richest person, but Bezos has cemented his hold on No. 1 since mid-March as Amazon shares climbed almost 20% during that time. How do y'all feel about this⁉️ ...

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#RobertDowneySr has reportedly passed away at the age 85. Downey Jr. posted about his father on Instagram, writing “Last night, dad passed peacefully in his sleep after years of enduring the ravages of Parkinson’s…he was a true maverick filmmaker.” Sending our prayers and condolences 🙏 ...

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The Nell3x Interview

Nell3x is an up-and-coming, St. Louis, 18-year-old artist who puts his all into his passion. We conducted this interview following the release of his

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