Ahmad a student at Temple University in Uzi’s home town of Philly is the kid who asked him to pay his...
RapTV | Jan 15 2021
Lil Dicky is an American rapper and comedian who has achieved massive success in his career in the past...
RapTV | Nov 30 2020
There are still a lot of questions regarding the death of Tupac and Biggy, but the situation is complicated...
RapTV | Oct 26 2020
Throughout his career, NBA YoungBoy has gotten caught up in some illegal activities. He grew up hard...
RapTV | Oct 01 2020
When you love an artist, it is only natural that you crave hot gossip about them. Sometimes, listening...
RapTV | Oct 01 2020
In the 1990's rapper, Snoop Dogg rose to fame and it was revealed that he was even part of a gang. Snoop...
RapTV | Oct 01 2020
Birthdays are usually that time of year in each of our lives when we get to reflect and celebrate our...
RapTV | Jul 03 2020
        Traditional rap and country music are some of the most...
RapTV | May 26 2020


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#LilBaby speaks on what #YoungThug saw in him in a new issue of NME Magazine‼️ 📸: @gunnerstahl.us ...

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During an interview with #ShannonSharpe, #RickRoss revealed that he once charged a movie studio $2.75M to film a movie at his huge mansion 👀 Is he one of the best business man in the rap game⁉️ ...

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#Apple is rumored to be working on a VR headset‼️ The device is reportedly set for release as soon as next year, and will focus on gaming, video, and communication. NEED IT OR KEEP IT⁉️ ...

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We finally have an updated photo of #BigMeech in prison‼️ He is currently serving a 30 year sentence for running a nationwide cocaine-trafficking ring. ...

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This was #XXXTentacion's birthday wish in 2018...😔 Let's make it come true one day‼️🙏 ...

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@Elhae just released the Ballad version of his new single #FunFact‼️ How’s it sounding⁉️ ...

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A man is offering $1 million for the best evidence of consciousness after death‼️

Robert Thomas Bigelow believes that there is consciousness after death, and is offering $1 million for the best evidence of “the survival of consciousness after permanent bodily death.”

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Is 42 Dugg Gay?

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Singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, and producer Lauryn Hill is an undeniable star who rocketed to the forefront of the music industry in the ‘90s
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Did Lil Dicky Go To Jail?

Lil Dicky is an American rapper and comedian who has achieved massive success in his career in the past decade. Many of his fans
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Is 6ix9ine Gay?

6ix9ine has made waves both in the music industry and in his personal life since 2012, when he first became active in the business.
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