Can y’all finish this #KodakBlack bar⁉️ 🤔⬇️ 📸 @iamtenzinsherab ...

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Giacalone is now a quadriplegic and lives in her parents' dining room. She has to be fed through a tube, and can only communicate with her eyes.

Chantel Giacalone who suffered brain damage because of an allergic reaction when eating pretzels was awarded $29.5M‼️

According to Health, the family of the model who was left brain-damaged after eating a peanut butter pretzel was awarded $29.5 million by a Las Vegas court last week. A jury ruled that the health care service that responded to help Chantel Giacalone was negligent in treating her in 2013.

Giacalone went into anaphylactic shock after taking a bite and sought care with MedicWest Ambulance, which was on site. Giacalone's lawyer Christian Morris argued in court that the model lost oxygen to her brain for several minutes after being treated by the company.

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Michael Pick, the engineer who made the largest #NintendoSwitch in the world has donated it to a children's hospital‼️ Pick uploaded a YouTube video explaining how he made the massive Nintendo Switch that has a 650% larger screen than a standard sized one. What do y'all think about this⁉️ 📸: @the_casual_engineer ...

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#DMX has reportedly finished his album with a feature from #PopSmoke before he passed away‼️🙏 NEED IT OR KEEP IT⁉️🤔 📸 @dill35mm & @apex.visions ...

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Only people vaccinated for Covid-19 were evacuated from St. Vincent after a volcano erupted‼️

According to ABC News, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said in a press conference that people had to be vaccinated if they went aboard a cruise ship or were granted temporary refuge on another island.

Mr Gonsalves added that he highly recommended those who opted to go to a shelter in St Vincent and the Grenadines, an island chain of more than 100,000 people, be vaccinated against COVID.

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Which songs⁉️ Let’s hear it 🤔⬇️ 📸 @eyekon_photography ...

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