How Much Drake Has Made From Each Project

Have you ever wondered, just how much is Drake making from his projects on Spotify? We calculated the amount given the Spotify payout rate of .00437 payout per stream, and factoring that with the industry standard artist payout of 18%.

So Far Gone – $489,933 (622,848,785 streams)

Drake’s third mixtape and only recently added to streaming services, Drake putting this work in to get it back on streaming made him an easy half a M.

Thank Me Later – $562,019 (714, 491,876 streams)

Drizzy’s debut studio album that dropped in 2010. The album hit #1 upon release and moved over half a million copies in the first week.

Take Care – $2,304,681 (2,929,928,649 streams)

Quite possibly Drake’s most notorious album, his sophomore album includes some of his deepest cuts; such as ‘Marvin’s Room’ & ‘Cameras.’

Nothing Was The Same – $2,113,906 (2,687,397,297 streams)

The third studio album from the Toronto artist, NWTS still managed to rake in over 2 billion streams even though it was leaked 10 days prior to it’s official release.

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late – $1,937,614 (2,463,277,726 streams)

The mixtape that paved the way for commercial success. Drake was in his bag with IYRTITL, and that is simply evident based on his delivery throughout the project.

Views – $5,292,771 (6,728,669,135 streams)

This is Drake taking a victory lap for his city, he proudly reps Toronto and gives us all the experience of living there through the music he produced.

More Life – $3,677,355 (4,675,837,485 streams)

Drake’s “compilation” project that was loosely styled as a playlist made Drizzy a light $3M+, he paved the way for casual collections of music that aren’t necessarily a part of a cohesive project.

Scorpion – $5,703,636 (7,251,840,939 streams)

Drake’s 5th studio album and a project that contained 25 deep cuts from the Toronto artist.

Care Package – $270,590 (344,958,473 streams)

Drake blessed us with this package of tracks that were meant to just get us through the drought of music from the artist. Drizzy looked out for his fans and put all of his cuts on streaming services that previously were not.

Dark Lane Demo Tapes – $1,229,455 (1,563,826,003 streams)

DLDT consisted of leaks that were almost meticulously released to the public in an almost strategic fashion. Fans were surprised to see this release and this delivered in a very similar sense to that of ‘Care Package.’

$23,581,964 Total

Overall Drake has done well for himself bringing in over $20M in income from just Spotify alone. This is not including his brand endorsements, Apple Music payouts, YouTube streams, and a whole other number of avenues of income the Toronto artist has.


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