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How Old Is Eminem?

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How Old Is Eminem?


Eminem is a gifted hip-hop artist. His songs have incredible rhymes and pace. His music is totally addictive. The rapper’s work is inspiring and engaging while also being infused with credibility. 

He may be known as Eminem, which is his stage name, but the artist’s real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Despite a toxic relationship with his mother, constant abuse from his peers as a child, and a broken home (his dad abandoned the family when Eminem was very young), he worked hard and managed to achieve popularity and success in the music industry. 

His 3rd album, The Slim Shady LP, helped him gain almost instant success. He was a fresh and unique face in the hip-hop world, being a white rapper, and fighting stereotypes. Eminem is the talented white rapper who’s always doing his best to overcome his life situation and capture the emotions of his public. 

How Old Is Eminem Today?

Eminem is 47 years old. He was born on the 17th of October, 1972, in a small town in Missouri. His parents, Marshall Bruce and Deborah, or Debbie, as her friends used to call her, were music performers, but they split up when Eminem was just a child. His father left the family to move to California, where he started a new family with another woman. 

Despite the fact that Eminem wrote and sent his father many letters, he never received a reply. That must’ve been really heartbreaking for the artist. 

Where Did Eminem Grow Up?

During his childhood and teenage years, Eminem bounced between St. Joseph, which is his birthplace, in Missouri, and Detroit. According to what his mother said, until the age of 17 years old, the artist attended 30 different schools, which made it really hard for him to make real friends. 

His childhood was a rather vagabond one, and eventually, he dropped out of high school when he was in the ninth grade. His peers used to bully him quite frequently. The rapper-to-be was even assaulted and beaten several times. 

Most of the neighborhoods in which he lived when he was younger were modest, to say the least. The houses he lived in with his mother were tiny, and they often struggled to pay the bills. Luckily, he later found the road out of poverty. All his songs will depict his life situations and the rough things he went through. 

When Did Eminem Start Rapping?

What made him more popular was his amazing ability to rhyme. He began to write lyrics and develop his musical talent in the late 1980s, when he was living on Dresden, Detroit. This was his way of dealing with the fact that his mother had unhealthy tendencies. For instance, she used to take his paycheck and go play bingo. 

Even though at first, this was a therapeutic way to cope with the things that were going on in his life, at the age of 14, he started thinking about becoming a rapper more seriously. Right before dropping out of school, Eminem skipped class one day to hand out fliers that announced an upcoming rap show for amateurs. 

That was the day when he became very close to Holton, later known as Proof, the rapper. They both started rhyming right there on the spot, creating street rap lyrics. Despite being an outcast for most of his life, Eminem didn’t quit trying, and he built his reputation by participating in open-mike contests, in numerous clubs. 

When Did Eminem Start Making Real Records?

In 1999, Eminem became a truly recognized and acclaimed rapper, once he released his album, The Slim Shady LP. This was also the artist’s first album that had an amazing commercial success. At the time, Eminem was 26 years old. 

Seven of the rapper’s albums become highly popular on Spotify, reaching one billion streams. He is the only musician who has ever achieved this. The Marshal Mathers LP is also the first of all his records that make him who he is today. Then, other amazing albums followed, such as Revival, Recovery, and Kamikaze. 

When Did Eminem Link Up with the Famous Dr. Dre?

The first time that Eminem met Dr. Dre was in 1997 when Jimmy Lovine sent a copy of the Slim Shay EP created by Eminem to Dre. He was impressed with how talented Eminem was, so he decided to executively-produce the rapper’s studio album, the popular “The Slim Shady” LP. It was launched in 1999, and it had skyrocketed Eminem’s career. 

During their first official meeting, Eminem felt nervous and excited. According to RapTV, Dre was a huge musical influence in Eminem’s life. They both worked together to release the song My Name Is, which became a hit. Their chemistry was real since the single came together within the first couple of minutes in Dr. Dre’s home studio. 

How Many Albums Has Eminem Made?

The artist has made 11 studio albums, five compilation records, two box sets, and 2 EPs. Out of all his records, eight were really noticeable:

  • Relapse – released in 2009, this album has songs with pretty dark lyrics and bizarre rhythm;
  • Revival – this album was launched in 2017. During this period, Eminem comes clean and admits many mistakes he did in the past such as not taking proper care of his daughter and almost dying because of his pill addiction;
  • Recovery – released in 2010; this one wasn’t Eminem’s best attempt but wasn’t his most awful work either; some fans were confused about the sound and the rapping style;
  • The Eminem Show – in 2002, the rapper made a huge comeback with this album and the first four songs that open the record’s playlist describe emotionally-conflicted moments that many people can relate to;
  • The 2nd edition of the Marshall Mathers LP – released in 2013; the public declared that the first Marshal Mathers LP was way better. This sequel stands out due to the artist’s rhyming dexterity which, by that time, was significantly improved;
  • Encore – this 2004 album was much underrated, and the critics considered it “mediocre.” Perhaps it is Eminem’s drug addiction to blame for this album’s lack of success. Still, it features comic timing and ease in reciting the lyrics;
  • The Slim Shady LP – Encore is perceived as the rapper’s reconciliation with being an entertainer, but this record, from 1999, has dark yet very funny comedic impulses. The sad thing behind the songs is Eminem’s life problems and his caregivers’ failure when it comes to protecting him;
  • The Marshal Mathers LP – in this album, from 2000, Eminem embodies toxic masculinity, and he breaks the rules of the conservative lifestyle preached by many. 

How Many Hit Songs Has Eminem Had?

Eminem has had numerous hit songs that fans use to sing even today. Let’s take a look at some of the greatest hits of his entire career:

  • Cleanin’ Out My Closet – the song is pretty ferocious, and he even talks about his mum’s drug abuse while he was struggling to grow up surrounded by her inadequate activities 
  • Guilty Conscience – this song’s lyrics are quite horrifying, and they have stirred a lot of controversial opinions. Some like the artist’s creativity while others are terrified by the song’s message; 
  • The Real Slim Shady – this is a classic Eminem hit that amazes us with its verbally dexterous chops; it is a song that many people will listen for years to come;
  • Lose Yourself – This is a quintessential song with empowering lyrics through which the rapper sends a message about finding ways to better ourselves; 
  • Stan – this song is filled with symbols that represent mental illnesses, delusions, and other gruesome images. It is full of ambiguities. 

Where Does Eminem Live and Spend His Time Today?

Eminem resides in his huge mansion, located in Rochester Hills, Michigan. He had another house in a Detroit suburb and a party mansion in Los Angeles, but he sold both of them. 

He may have had a troubled past, but Eminem has fought through, and it is now one of the most successful rappers on the planet. The 47-year-old rapper is not done with his music yet. He still has many new things to offer to his fans.

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