What is Hip Hop to You?

This topic has been floating around lately and you may or may not have heard other people talk about it. With all this time that people are stuck at home, this presents a great opportunity to spend any extra time you have reflecting on the things that you love. Chances are if you’re reading this that you are a fan of hip hop, and it may even be something that you share a love for as well.

The Music

Hip Hop is the most listened to and currently the most influential genre of music but it is way more than that. No doubt everyone who listens to and makes hip hop loves the banger beats, sick flows, and fire lyrics and on top of that there are so many ways to be creative with new technology pulling up to the scene often. The music attracts and everything else such as the vibes, energy and so much more keep bringing people together in the forever growing Hip Hop community.

The Lifestyle

Everybody has their own lifestyle and how they like to live it. The Hip Hop lifestyle or even just implementing Hip Hop into your lifestyle is like adding an extra source of energy and motivation. Undoubtedly you are able to feel these vibes along with the prolific success of so many artists, rappers, singers, producers, engineers, and the teamwork that makes it all happen. That is what it’s all about at the end of the day, aside from all the beef and shenanigans that some people are doing for attention and clout. Fame is what attracts most but its the vibe that keeps them around.

The Fashion

Yes, of course, you will see many rappers and Hip Hop artists flexing their new designer clothing and iced out pricy bling. But that isn’t nearly what it’s all about. The fashion of hip hop is individuality and rocking your own style, what you like and know looks fresh. In fact, creating your own style is what it’s all about. The style creations of many popular artists have turned into trends, over and over again due to the fact that people are attracted to originality and find the confidence and not caring about what others think so appealing.

The Culture

Hip Hop culture is something that is always adapting and changing; however, the stages of its evolution will be forever remembered and is the infrastructure of the currently booming genre that is at the top of so many top 100 charts. Embracing new ideas while maintaining old principles is a big part of the development of these groups of men and women that have turned what they love into their life. Every artist and fan adds a little extra to the mix that is a beautiful Hip Hop culture.

The Music Lover

With Hip Hop being the number one genre listened to these days, there are millions of fans who are enamored with their favorite artists and resonate with the vibes they create through their music, energy, and performances. It’s an unspoken relationship and a way for artists to connect to their fans through relatable, inspiring, and overall superbly entertaining content. Artists themselves are without a doubt music lovers themselves and have made it their passion and livelihood, most of them living out their dreams.

The Artist

Back to individuality. This is the epitome of an artist’s style, fashion, flow, vibe, and overall presence that attracts the masses. There are times when an artist will put out music that the fans want and other times they release a track or two that reveal a part of themselves no fan has seen before. This allows a further connection between artists and fans both anticipating the next new music drop from their favorite artists.

The Entertainment

Whether it’s an insanely lit on-stage performance with fire, lights and visuals or simply a turned up live story on Instagram it is the interaction with the audience and the vibes created when artists and music lovers come together to experience unforgettable moments that leave the fans motivated and inspired while the artists are hyped up on the love and energy they get from entertaining huge crowds singing along together.

The Energy

Hip Hop in itself as mentioned above is an energy all in itself. For example, the music your favorite artist makes creates an energy that attracts you and so many others. That is a little jolt of that energy, sparks flying off of the true source that is being yourself. Even in melancholy music, the energy is still from a good source. A source of passion and doing what you love. What feels right.


Everyone loves a comeback story and Hip Hop is stacked with back to back comebacks of these talented young men and women living out their dreams and making a living off of their passions. Hip Hop has been a way for people that came from nothing, had nothing, and turned it into something great. A decent amount of Hip Hop artists are using their lucrative talents to help out their own families and loved ones and that became their mission. For some that is the point where a listener will feel more connected to the artist and the inspiration flows both ways.

Creative Outlet

For a good amount of popular artists, making music just started as a creative outlet, a way to express themselves with no filter, raw passion, and emotion. That’s all it takes, whether it’s dancing, freestyling, improv, cooking you name it. Passion makes the real difference when you can feel and know that what you are doing is right and meant to be.


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