What We Know About Kanye and Kim Since They Split

February 19, 2021, saw the official divorce of the “Runaway” rapper Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Since then, there has been a plethora of rumors circulating on social media discussing the two’s single lives. While some may just be hearsay, there is now definitive evidence supporting the hunt for their new relationship.

Who else besides your long-time enemy would try to get with your ex-wife? Drake, the 4-time Emmy award winner, was spotted at a billionaire’s birthday party in late May with Kim. Although speculations of the two being together in the past were ultimately shut down by Kardashian, it does seem convenient that the two arrived together at the same time.

Drake’s hit song “In My Feelings” from 2018 stirred up this conversation originally when the lyric “Kiki, do you love me?” was correlated with Kim K. Although this was also denied by Ye’s ex, many important people close to the two say otherwise. Nick Cannon responded to the rumors by claiming that it is not “far fetched” and that the two may have been seeing each other.

Drake and Kanye have been enemies since before this though. The rappers have had an extremely long history, from once making tracks and possibly a collaboration album together, to completely abandoning one another. Drake has been unforgiving since the information about his child had come out, which he believes to have been Kanye’s doing.

Even if Drake is just a friend, there is still definitive proof that people have been trying to get Kim back in the dating scene. According to Page Six, Kim’s closest friends are using all their resources to attract either a royal family member or billionaire to her. Plenty of others are shooting their shots at her through DM, but there has been no evidence of success.

But what about Kanye? His mental breakdowns over the past year were a partial cause for the divorce, but is anyone now there to comfort him?

TMZ recently reported that Ye is now officially an “item” with supermodel Irina Shayk. The two have known each other since 2010 when Shayk starred in his music video for “Power.”

A couple of months ago, Shayk was caught wearing a Balenciaga DMX shirt that was designed by West. Simultaneously, the Instagram account @Deuxmoi unofficially announced that the two were together, but could not confirm their dating.

On Wednesday, June 9th, the “couple” was spotted arriving in New Jersey by private jet. Shayk deplaned prior to Ye to try to hide their identities, but the two were unmistakably together on the same flight. They were arriving from Kanye’s celebration for his 44th birthday in France. 

Despite this news, Shayk had visited her ex Bradley Cooper in New York just a week before. While this doesn’t disprove Kanye and Shayk being together, it would be strange for her to visit her old man with all of the rumors flying around.

It also might be unreasonable to assume Kanye would just be shooting his shot with all different women. A few years ago, the billionaire went to a strip club, but the encounters were anything but normal, even for this type of place.

Instead of a typical dance, Kanye was allegedly speaking to a woman for 3 to 4 hours before donating a generous $15,000 tip to her. The bartender came out and said that the conversation was anything but typical— he ordered water and spoke about his descent from his creator.

As for both Kim and Kanye, the two infamous personas are certainly trying to stay out of the spotlight in their relationship scenes. It seems as though Kim doesn’t want to be too quick to acquire a new man, and Kanye doesn’t want any rumors about a new girl either. Kanye also obviously can no longer be distracted by the Kardashians because he went active on Twitter just to unfollow the family following the Keeping Up with the Kardashian episode. In time, both will most likely find their future spouse, but who knows how long until that happens again.


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