Suge Knight Thinks Loyalty Cost Nipsey Hussle His Life

No stranger to controversial statements, Suge Knight has pitched in his two cents on Nipsey Hussle’s murder and he is pointing the finger at Nipsey’s homies. In an interview from prison where he is currently serving a 28-sentence for a hit-and-run, Suge commented that Nipsey’s loyalty to his neighborhood is what left him exposed and in danger. He drew a parallel to Tupac, who was also close to the street life even after making millions. Being a high-net worth individual should come with better protection and Suge insinuated that those closest to Nip are at fault for not protecting their homie.

Nipsey’s ability to go anywhere in his hood was a fact he took pride in. His former bodyguard has since retired after feeling like he failed his boss, going so far as to say that he wished he could trade places with Nip. Regardless of how accurate Suge’s assessment of the situation may or may not be, he is hardly in any place to be pointing fingers. In other words, what is Suge Knight thinking?

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