How Old Is Travis Scott?

Twenty-nine-year-old Houston-born American rapper, songwriter, vocalist, and producer superstar Travis Scott have spent a significant amount of his teen years as well as his 20s in the public eye. Through the help of mentors T.I and Kanye West, Travis Scott spent much of the 2010s selling fan-favorite hip-hop mixtapes and Billboard 200 hit singles and albums. Whether it was 2018’s Astroworld (with an accompanying tour that included an onset rollercoaster), or his collaborations with the mainstream’s top artists, Scott’s star was shining brightly. But how has this star’s career path panned out? And, at what age did he accomplish each of these important moments?

Scott’s Youth

Rapper Travis Scott, whose real name is Jacques Berman Webster II, grew up in South Park, Houston, where he spent the first six years of life living with his grandmother. Born on April 30, 1991, Jacques Webster spent a significant part of his early life in Texas. By the age of six, Scott moved back to live with his parents in the middle-class suburb of Missouri City where he attended Elkins High School. Scott’s parents – a mother who worked as an Apple employee, and a father who ran his own business along with performing as a soul musician – took Scott in until he decided to drop out of college. While Scott finished high-school early at the age of seventeen, he would then quickly transition his life over to college, attending the University of Texas, San Antonio. By his sophomore year, Scott had dropped out of college in order to move to New York City and pursue his professional career as a musician. While Scott thought that this decision to drop out of school and move to the entertainment capital was a good decision, his parents did not agree. Instead, as punishment, they decided to kick him out of their house and cut him off of any financial support that they had given him.

Teenage Music Dreams

At the age of seventeen, Scott had officially founded a duo by the name of the Graduates with his long-time friend Chris Holloway. Holloway and Scott would release an EP on MySpace together, though a year later, the duo would decide to go their separate ways. By age eighteen, Scott would found a second duo with yet another old friend – this time, his old schoolmate OG Chess. Chess and Scott formed a duo called the Classmates together and created two projects. While Scott handled much of the production for the duo, this arrangement wouldn’t last long. By the time Scott turned twenty years old, Chess and Scott would part ways. In interviews years later, Scott would tell the press that the reason the two parted ways was due to interpersonal conflicts and financial disputes. As Scott entered his twenties, he began bouncing between New York City and Los Angeles. He even spent a portion of his early twenties sleeping on the floor at his friend’s home while he tried to figure out how he would move his music career forward. Thankfully, he was about to experience a lucky break when he met T.I. – Atlanta-based rapper and owner of Grand Hustle Records. T.I. claimed that he was so impressed by Scott’s talent – particularly after hearing his early recording “Lights (Love Sick).” After hearing his work, T.I. decided to invite Scott to participate in a meeting. He would also sign a deal with Epic Records shortly thereafter. Over the next two years, Scott would begin working on two mixtape projects. The first, which he completed at the age of twenty-two, was titled Owl Pharaoh. His second mixtape project, Days Before Rodeo, was completed at age twenty-three. By the age of twenty-two, not only was Scott hired as an in-house producer for GOOD Music, but he had also graced the cover of XXL Magazine as part of the 2013 Freshman Class. Scott’s star was increasingly growing – he was part of Kanye West’s 2012 Cruel Summer compilation, and was able to be featured on a number of other artists’ projects. Scott has made guest appearances alongside artists such as Rihanna, SZA, Drake, and Quavo of the Migos, Big Sean, Young Thug, Meek Mill, Kid Cudi, and Justin Bieber, adding his quintessential ad-libs to records. By the age of twenty-seven, Scott had racked up tons of platinum singles and a total of three studio albums: Rodeo (2015), Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight (2016), and Astroworld (2018). His most recent album included his most popular song, Sicko Mode, that reached the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and even earned him a Grammy nomination. Fans were especially impressed by Scott’s Astroworld tour, where Scott decided to build a rollercoaster onstage. Fans not only watched as Scott performed for them, but he also invited fans onstage to ride on the rollercoaster with him. He had also announced his own label imprint – Cactus Jack Records – by the age of twenty-six. When asked about why he decided his own label, Scott claimed: “I’m not doing it to have financial control over my music. I want first and foremost to help other artists, launch new names, to provide opportunities. I want to do for them what happened to me, but better. By better, I mean no b**lshit. No lying to the artists about album release dates or the budgets of videos and albums.”

Love in Your 20s

Aside from his music, Travis Scott has also gained a tremendous amount of popularity on social media due to his romantic relationship with a member of the Kardashian clan — Kylie. Kylie Jenner has gained fame and fortune alongside her mother Kris and sisters Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Kendall. As their love story goes, the two started dating when Scott was twenty-six years old and connected through mutual friends at Coachella. In an interview with GQ Magazine, Jenner recalled that she and Travis had mutual friends and had been around each other for quite some time before solidifying themselves as a couple. Ten months later, the two welcomed their first child on February 1, 2018 – Stormi Webster. Scott recalled finding out that he was going to be the father as being exciting and feeling that it was one of the greatest things to happen to him in his life. Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner became inseparable after their baby girl Stormi was born and exchanged lavish gifts on one another every chance they got. They also spent a lot of family time together, especially on family trips. Scott told the press that Stormi frequently traveled with them. And yet, this status of constantly remaining in love did not remain. In fact, over the course of their relationship, the two increasingly became known to the press as having an on-again-off-again relationship. It has been said that Travis and Kylie sometimes need to give each other some space, leading to temporarily being apart and then reconvening later on. By age twenty-eight, news spread the couple had broken up. According to Jenner, despite their rumored break-up, the two decided that they would continue to co-parent. The People Magazine publication was informed by a source close to Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner that they were “taking some time but not done,” Jenner would later confirm the split. By age twenty-nine in the year 2020, Scott and Jenner’s relationship was described by the press as officially over. Come March 2020; news stories were circulating that they were back together. And by July, the story had changed yet again. It may not be exactly clear what the status of their relationship is, only time will tell how it evolves, and what will become their co-parenting methods to raise Stormi up to become a wonderful woman full of potential.


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