Is Kanye Bipolar?

Unless you have been living in a time capsule for the past 20 years, pretty much every single person on earth, and maybe even beyond, know who Kayne West is. The rapper turned mogul turned presidential nominee hopeful has definitely held our attention, not only for his music but some of his crazy and sometimes downright bizarre antics. Mr. Kim Karadisan seems like he can’t get out of the spotlight or the limelight and chaos seems to follow him everywhere. Especially within the last decade, where he seems to always be in the headlines more for his crazy actions and statements, than his music, which seems odd even to think of him as a musician since he releases albums so few and far in between them. Even though Kayne west is polarizing depending on who you talk to, you can’t help but raise an eyebrow every time you see his name in the headlines. Since Kayne has done and said some very interesting and jaw-dropping things in the past few years, people had started to wonder about his mental health. Particularly, is Kayne bipolar? Read below to find out. 

Taylor Swift Beef

The moment Kayne West went up on stage during Taylor Swift’s speech for her win for Best Female Video at the 2009 VMAs, everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing the day and time that happened. For those unaware, Kayne West interrupted Taylor during her speech and said “Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!”. After he made this statement, he jumped off the stage, leaving Taylor and everyone else watching and attendance in absolute shock. Even Beyoncé herself was shown as shocked, when the cameras cut away to her during Kayne’s speech and mouthed something we can only speculate on as it was inaudible. The incident caused a media firestorm and almost everyone was totally against Kayne and was #TeamTaylor. It definitely didn’t help matters that Kayne doubled down and didn’t apologize for what he did. The press eventually stopped talking about it, as did most people, but no one ever really forgot that incident and it definitely got people wondering what was going on with Kayne? Things would again take a turn for the interesting when Kayne would release the single “Famous” from his 2016 Life of Pablo album where the track specifically called out Taylor with the line “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous”. The music video would throw gasoline on any possible chance of reconciling between the two when Kayne featured a naked Taylor Swift look-a-like in bed with him. This ignited media attention on Kanye and Taylor beef all over again and everyone was curious to see how Taylor would respond.  Initially, Taylor condemned the lyrics and called Kayne out for being disrespectful to her through cryptic social media posts (remember the snake emojis?) until Kanye’s ever dutiful wife came forward with some damning receipts that proved otherwise. Apparently, Mrs. West leaked a video recording showing that not only did Taylor approve the lyrics, but she was in on it from the very beginning. That Kanye got her verbal approval for the lyric about her and even said she thought it would be a “cool” lyric. Although Kim read Taylor and it seemed there was more to the story than everyone was leading on, to this day, most people question what exactly went down. And that question sometimes involves Kanye’s mental health.

2016 Tour Cancellation

After the drop of the Life of Pablo album, fans were getting hyped about a possible upcoming tour, his first one since his 2013 The Yeezus Tour. The tour would start in August 2013 but only ran until towards the end of that November when Kanye decided to cancel the rest of the tour. Fans were not only extremely upset but were very concerned about why Kanye would cancel his tour. It seemed trouble was brewing for the tour when concert-goers who got to see Kanye in September through November complained that the show was wack and that he cut it short, enraging fans. And this was reported for the shows he actually showed up for. Some shows he didn’t even show up for at all.  Kanye finally came clean about why he decided to end the tour early by stating that he was exhausted and was being hospitalized. Rumors began to circulate that more than exhaustion was at play and people once again started to talk about his mental health. Everything seemed to be quiet from his team about what was going on with Kanye and some even presumed he may have been dead. However, the truth would finally come out in 2018. 

Mental Health Diagnosis

In 2018, Kanye did an interview with the New York Times where he told reporters that he was diagnosed as Bipolar in 2017. This definitely shocked fans but those who were keeping watch on Kanye’s behavior knew something else was going on, so it definitely did not come as a shock to others. What was even more shocking is that Kanye revealed that he doesn’t take medication because he feels like he doesn’t need it and interrupts his creative process. Kim has also corroborated this and has been very public about how hard it is to get him to take medication and manage his disorder. Kanye has definitely gone on to reveal the extent of his Bipolar disorder by going on weird and seemingly unprovoked Twitter rants. In July 2020, Kanye posted and then deleted a series of tweets saying he wanted to divorce Kim, that she was cheating on him with Meek Mills and called his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, “Kim Jong-un”, a reference to the North Korea dictator with the same name.  Because of his tweets in July, doctors were supposedly called to Kanye and Kim’s Wyoming ranch where they have been living since September 2019. This prompted them to involuntarily admit him to a psychiatric ward for up to 72 hours of observation. When the news broke, Kim took to social media to plead to fans and the media about being more understanding of Kanye’s strange behavior, which she said was due to his Bipolar disorder. Kim has gone on her social media many times since then to ask for compassion for her and their family as they struggle to cope with his disorder. Is Kanye Really Bipolar? Yes, Kanye West is actually Bipolar. This has been confirmed by both him and his wife, Kim Kardashian. This shouldn’t come as a surprise if you have been paying attention to his behavior over the years, especially if you have been following Twitter. Kanye’s weird and erratic Twitter posts have always been proof that he was struggling with his mental disorder before it became public. Kanye has posted a lot of unusual things, such as stating that slavery was a choice, claiming that Kim is always trying to get him hospitalized and that his children will be taken from him. Most believe that these posts are proof that shows Kanye is struggling with his bipolar disorder. With Kanye’s recent bid for the 2020 Presidential Election, it seems ever more apparent that his Bipolar disorder is going unchecked. Rumors that Kim is thinking of leaving him because he is not taking his medication have also been going around, showing that even Kim is being affected by his disorder. Kanye West is an amazing businessman and one of the greatest musicians of our generation and we hope he gets the help he needs.  Sources: 

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