Top 10 Richest Rappers In The World

Top 10 Richest Rappers In The World

By golddev: May 26, 2020

Everyone knows that rappers are rich, but exactly how rich are they? The massive homes, luxury cars, boats, jewelry, and art that rappers own are definitely a good indication of their net worth. While rappers often get their start in the music business, that isn’t necessarily what puts them on the list of the top 10 richest rappers. Things like outside ventures in apparel, entertainment, and technology have proven to be very profitable for many rappers. So here’s the breakdown on the top 10 richest rappers in the world and how they got there:

1. Kanye West at $3.2 billion

Kanye West has been in the rap game for a long time – and his net worth reflects that! Kanye recently took the top spot as the richest rapper in the world with a jaw-dropping net worth of over $3 billion according to Forbes. Kanye’s net worth skyrocketed last year due to the success and popularity of his fashion line Yeezy through Adidas. He also owns the G.O.O.D. record label and production company that has signed other stars like John Legend and Big Sean. Kanye West married Kim Kardashian in 2014. Kim has a net worth of around $350 on her own, so the Kardashian-Wests definitely have enough money in their bank account to cover several homes and properties, luxury cars, and even livestock! 

2. Jay-Z at $1 billion

Kanye isn’t the only billionaire hip hop artist – Jay-Z has also earned that title. He has made a lot of money through his music, obviously, but he also has an impressive portfolio of valuable business ventures that definitely boost his net worth. He has been involved in a clothing line, a nightclub chain, the NBA Brooklyn Nets basketball team, a sports management company, a champagne company, and a real estate development company. Jay-Z married Beyoncé Knowles in 2008 and together they own a number of houses as well as an impressive art collection that is worth about $70 million on its own! 

3. P. Diddy at $885 million

P. Diddy, otherwise known as Sean Combs, has been in the rapping game for decades. Diddy began his venture into the music world working at Uptown Records before establishing his own record label, Bad Boy Entertainment, in 1993. Diddy didn’t actually release any of his own music until four years later in 1997 with his album “No Way Out.” Since then, he has released three additional albums and has also appeared in several movies and television shows. He started his own stylish clothing line called Sean John in 1998 and has been involved in the restaurant industry, the sports industry, the liquor industry through Ciroc vodka, and the television production industry. 

4. Dr. Dre at $820 million

Dr. Dre, whose real name is Andre Young, has a massive net worth of $820 million. A part of the legendary N.W.A. group and a contributor to one of the most influential rap albums “Straight Outta Compton,” Dr. Dre experienced a great deal of early success in the music industry as a record producer. He founded Aftermath Entertainment that worked with well-known artists like Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and 50 Cent. However, a lot of his earnings didn’t come until later with the creation of Beats by Dre. Dr. Dre founded the headphone company in 2008 and eventually sold the company to Apple for $3 billion in 2014. 

5. Russell Simmons $340 million

While Russell Simmons has definitely gone through his fair share of controversy, his influence in the rap world leaves no room for debate. Simmons first broke through the industry when he helped broker a record deal for Kurtis Blow’s “Christmas Rappin.” He would then go on to head up his own record label, Def Jam Records, alongside Rick Rubin. Def Jam Records signed artists like LL Cool J and the Beastie Boys. Simmons has also been involved in the production industry, the communications industry, and the apparel industry with his popular brand “Phat Farm.” 

6. Eminem at $230 million

Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, is one of the most well-known American rappers who also has an alter ego of “Slim Shady.” Eminem released a couple of studio albums through smaller labels that didn’t do too well – but everything changed when he met Dr. Dre. He experienced instant success under Dr. Dre’s label and mentorship and that success has largely lasted through the years. In fact, he is the ninth best-selling musical artist of all time. So unlike some of the other rappers on this list so far, most of his earnings actually come from his music. 

7. Master P at $200 million

Master P has accumulated his millions through several different things. His record label, No Limit Records, is extremely successful and profitable. He is also involved in other industries like apparel, management, travel, film production, and video games. Master P has also acted and appeared on television shows, movies, and even reality shows like Dancing with the Stars. 

8. Tie – Usher and Drake at $180 million

Usher is one of the main faces of hip-hop in the 1990s. He maintained his popularity into the 2000s. And while he definitely has made money from his music, he is involved with several successful companies that add to his net worth. For example, he is the co-founder of RBMG records which discovered Justin Bieber. He is also co-owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the music streaming service, Tidal, alongside Jay-Z.

Drake, on the other hand, is a newer face in the game – however, his rise to fame and fortune has been unprecedented. He actually started out on the television show, Degrassi, prior to getting into music. Since then, he has sold more digital singles than any other artist. 

9. Ice Cube at $160 million

Ice Cube was a member of N.W.A. but experienced solo success in the late 1990s. However, he has also had great success in the movie industry by acting in films such as 21 Jump Street. He also has his own clothing line. 

10. Snoop Dogg at $150 million

Snoop Dogg was discovered by Dr. Dre and took the rap scene by storm in the 1990s. He released his first album in 1993 and his most recent album in 2019. He also does a lot of product and endorsement deals that certainly add to his net worth. 

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