Does Justin Bieber Have Kids?

Just about everyone has heard about the singer/songwriter Justin Bieber.  Like many celebrities nowadays, Bieber was discovered by chance and luck. He grew to prominence after being discovered on the platform YouTube by Scooter Braun and he’s been on our radios ever since.  As big of a star is Bieber is now, he has been privy to his fair share of rumors that were covered extensively in the tabloids. One of the more consistent topics written about him throughout his short life is his love life.  Some people have even speculated that the young celebrity is in fact, a father.  We will set the record straight once and for all to determine if  Bieber is in fact, a dad. 

Justin’s Love Life

Selena Gomez 

One of Justin’s most long-lived flames was singer/songwriter and actress, Selena Gomez. The two began their relationship in 2011 and were friends a long time before making it official. The two were inseparable and often spotted on vacation and red carpets together. Cheating rumors began to circulate and they broke it off in 2012. They picked right back up where they left off in September of 2014 just to break up again a month later. They rekindled their romance in 2017 and broke it off shortly after because Selena’s mom didn’t approve of the relationship. While Justin was dating Sofia Richie, Gomez made a comment on Instagram about the relationship that fueled hate for the young model. 

Paola Paulin

Ever since Justin was discovered in 2008, he has been linked to many of the world’s most sought-after celebrities. Paola Paulin is no exception. The Ballers star met Justin at a church service and the two began a short-lived fling in the fall of 2017. The two enjoyed a dinner date at the SoHo house in Hollywood in early October of 2017. According to sources, the two were all over each other and didn’t care who was watching. 

Sofia Richie 

Considering her age at the time, Sofia Richie and Justin were in a highly controversial romance. After Justin posted a bunch of Instagram photos of the two enjoying their time together, the young model and singer received a lot of backlash in the press. Richie, who is the sister of Nicole Richie and the daughter of Lionel Richie ended up traveling together to destinations like Japan and Mexico. The online bullying Richie received was so bad that Justin had to ask fans to stop. The two dated until September of 2016 and Richie went on to date Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, Scott Disick. 

Nicola Petz  

Justin met Nicola Petz in 2016 and the two became immediately inseparable. It was reported that Justin and Petz had sleepovers at his house throughout 2016 after his album release. Petz is not just an unknown person, she is a star all on her own. With a starring role in Transformers: Age of Extinction, Petz star has continued to rise throughout the years. The two called stopped seeing each other shortly after 2016. 

Chantel Jefferies 

The year 2014 was a year that landed Bieber in the infamous category. He was dating model Chantel Jefferies when he was arrested for driving under the influence. The two had a short-lived but casual relationship throughout that year. They rekindled their casual romance briefly in July of 2016 with the model attending one of Justin’s concerts. Later it was reported that the two went to a viewing of the movie “The Secret Life of Pets.”

Kourtney Kardashian 

Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian allegedly has been linked to Justin Bieber. According to sources, Justin and Kourtney began hooking up right after Kourtney dumped her longtime flame Scott Disick in 2015. Throughout December the two were spotted at various clubs and rumors began to spread that the two were having a casual relationship. 

Jayde Pierce 

Justin met British model Jayde Pierce in the spring of 2015. The two were spotted together throughout the rest of that year. Although they have never really confirmed if they were more than just friends, it hasn’t prevented the media from speculation. The model and the singer were spotted on vacation in Bora Bora together and frequently seen together.  If they dated, we probably will not ever know the full story. 

Adriana Lima 

Models, actresses, and singers seemed to have stolen Justin’s heart throughout the years. So it should not come as a shock, that Justin was rumored to date one of the most famous models in history. Allegedly, Justin met Adriana Lima at the Cannes film festival in 2014. Shortly after the meeting, it has been reported that the two hooked up. That next year, Lima denied the tabloid claims that the two hooked up. 

Barbara Palvin

The model Barbara Palvin also had her time with Justin around the time he performed for the 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show while he was still dating Selena Gomez. After the two were spotted at the Broadway Musical the Lion King, Gomez tweeted out a photo of Barbara posing with Justin. Palvin even commented on an Instagram Live stating that she doesn’t care too much for Selena Gomez. Fans speculated that this connected marked the beginning of the end for Gomez and Bieber. Palvin has since denied that she ever had a romantic relationship with Justin and instead the two were just friends. 

Haley Baldwin

Justin Bieber met his current wife, Haley Baldwin met in 2009. Baldwin was allegedly a huge fan of the singer and there is a picture of the two hanging out at a meet-and-greet backstage.  The two maintained a friendship throughout the years. In November of 2014, the two were spotted at church. In 2015, speculation began to surface that the two were in a relationship, and both told fans they were just friends because they were both in relationships at the time. In 2016, Justin and Haley were photographed kissing on New Year’s Eve and the rest is history. The two are now married and in a healthy and loving relationship. 

Is Justin a father? 

Considering Justin has had many high-profile relationships over the years, there has been speculation that he is a father. He was photographed on Instagram with a baby in 2016 with the caption “my daughter.” Fans went wild and a few minutes later the caption was updated to “just kidding.”  Bieber stated that he would like to have children with his wife Haley Baldwin. He told Ellen DeGeneres that he would love to have kids but it is up to his wife as to how many considering it is her body. The statement Justin made about Haley was a feminist statement that attracted shock and awe from his large fanbase. Although both Haley and Justin are a very young couple with their whole life in front of them, they don’t necessarily need to rush into having children if they aren’t ready. Children are a big responsibility and could put a damper on their busy schedules.  However, if the two decide to have children, fans can believe that they will raise their kids in an environment that is certainly suitable for their lifestyles.  Justin Bieber is a megastar who has been around for over a decade now. It seems like only yesterday that the floppy-haired singer stole of our hearts with his hit songs, Baby and One Time. Considering his staying power, we certainly haven’t heard the last from Bieber and his famous wife.  Sources:

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