How Tall Is Post Malone?

Post Malone is one of the biggest names in rap at the moment, but does his physical size match his cultural stature? With popular albums like “Stoney,” “Beerbongs & Bentleys,” and “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” featuring hit songs like White Iverson, Congratulations, Sunflower, and Psycho and earning praise from Billboard, Rolling Stone, and even the Grammy’s — Post Malone has become a household name. Let’s dive into this question and more as we analyze the rising star’s physicality and compare him to other notable hip hop icons.

First of All, Does Height Matter?

It’s no secret that men like to be tall, just like women want them to be. Being tall, regardless of its physical benefits, carries a kind of charismatic advantage that is hard to deny. Tall guys seem naturally more imposing, more confident, and more physically able regardless of the rest of their physical characteristics. For instance, you can easily be a really tall and skinny guy but seem a bit more physically capable than a much more fit male under 5 feet in height. Not fair, sure, but it’s a facet of human psychology!

To make matters even more interesting, it’s a well-known fact that guys tend to have more romantic success with more inches (both above and below the belt!). The reasons for this aren’t really clear, but it’s probably because of the same reason that most straight guys like certain physical characteristics in their women. For instance, most men like it when the women they date are a little bit shorter.

All this is to say that having more height is almost certainly a better thing in most circumstances. So just how tall is Post Malone, affectionately known as “Posty”?

Different Stories…

There are a few conflicting resources that give us different heights as to the actual stature of the Syracuse, New York-born rapper. What we do know is that he was born to parents Rich Post and Nicole and lived most of his life in Texas as his father worked for the Dallas Cowboys. He attended Grapevine High School and later Tarrant County College before developing a stage name through a random rap name generator and moving to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of rapping and being a songwriter/record producer. Thankfully, he taught himself guitar through the Guitar Hero video game, made a mixtape and a music video, released it on SoundCloud, went viral on social media, and ended up getting a deal with the record label Republic Records to record his debut album and debut single that ended up topping the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. 

When it comes to height, some sources claim that Post (whose real name is Austin Richard Post) is just about 6 feet tall, which is, conveniently, also the cutoff point for a lot of the more shallow dating requirements demanded by some women. Lots of guys like the 6-foot line as a sort of standard to call yourself “tall”, even though the average male height around the world is only a few inches shorter at 5’9”.

However, Post himself has claimed on Twitter before that he’s actually 6’2” tall, or 188 cm. This is taller than both the national and the worldwide average by quite an extent, would make Post one of the taller American hip-hop celebrities popular today.

For instance, Justin Bieber is reportedly only 5’9″ tall, Kanye West is 5’8″, Quavo and Travis Scott are 5’10”, 21 Savage is 6’0″, and Young Thug is 6’3” tall. Meanwhile, stars like Lil Uzi Vert are 5’4″ tall. As you can see, American rappers’ heights can range with the same kind of variation you see with normal folks.

So how tall is Post Malone, really? Chances are he is at least around 6’ tall, given the fact that someone would almost assuredly have called him out on it if he was clearly shorter than that target height.

This being said, it’s also reasonable to think that he might not actually be 6′ tall. Lots of guys are known to fudge their height a bit to reach a better goal, just like women might do with their weight. In this respect, Post might be closer to 5’11” or so, but push it up to 6’ for confidence or popularity reasons.

Remember, social perception means a lot to any kind of pop culture icon, not just rockstars. Being 6’ or above does have a measurable effect on how people see you, how confident you can be, and other abstract stuff.

But is he really 6’2”? It’s tough to say, but we’d wager not. Post certainly isn’t small, but the fact that some sources say he’s 6’ and he just happens to say that he’s actually 6’2” is a bit too coincidental for our tastes. It’s more likely that Post is a bit over 6’ in general and he’s pushed up the height a bit too increase his social status.

Does Height Affect Post?

Probably not. He’s clearly big enough in charisma to hang with plenty of other popular musicians. According to RapTV, for instance, he recently partied with huge guys like the star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, plus the tight end Travis Kelce. Both are Kansas City Chiefs players who’re certainly known for their size and physical statures; after all, they play football for a living!

All this goes to show that Post’s height, whatever it is, is tall enough that he doesn’t seem to be intimidated in any respect when partying with guys who are almost certainly larger than he is.

What about when it comes to the ladies? Post certainly keeps his private life a bit more “closed” than he does with his art and his music. Indeed, it’s not really known for certain whether Post Malone is currently dating anyone. He’s also not particularly well known for being a ladies’ man, despite having the height range that most women (at least, those on Tinder) seem to be looking for.

Still, there’s no doubt that being 6’ tall is a benefit instead of a downside.

Is He the Tallest Celebrity?

Far from it! Hollywood and other pop-culture industries have their share of extremely tall men, even to the point where you might suspect that being tall is a sort of soft requirement to make it big in the industry.

For instance, Vince Vaughn, a well-known director, and actor is 6’5”, the same height as Dwayne Johnson (yes, the Rock Dwayne Johnson!). But there are plenty of other examples, like Liam Neeson, who’s 6’4”, the same height as the TV star Conon O’Brien.

Peter Mayhew, although recently passed, was one of the biggest movie stars in the world at 7’2”.

So compared to all of these big guys, Post Malone is far from the tallest guy around. He’s taller than the worldwide average, as mentioned before, but it’s nothing to necessarily write home about.

Ultimately, Post Malone is probably around 6’ tall, and maybe even a bit above since he claims he’s a good few inches above the line. This being said, he’s also likely not 6’2” since most guys exaggerate their own heights. Until we get an official scoop from a doctor about Post’s height, which will also probably include his weight, we’ll just have to stick with speculating!


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