Is Lil Mosey Black?

Lil Mosey is a young, up-and-coming rapper who has already made a name for himself with hip hop veterans. Ice Cube and Chris Brown have personally recognized the 18-year-old rapper is a talent that is going to be around for a while. Lil Mosey’s career trajectory is just taking off and certainly as a result, a fair share of rumors will circulate once he gets out in the press. Below is more information about where Lil Mosey comes from and exactly who he is as a person. 

Who is Lil Mosey?

Lil Mosley was born Lathan Moses Stanley Echols January 25, 2002, in Mountainlake Terrace, Washington, and was raised in a northern suburb of Seattle. His parents raised him a household that was full of art and inspiration. He began rapping in his early teens before informing his family that he was dropping out to pursue his rap career full time. Pretty close to dropping out of school Echols moved to Los Angeles full time and began recording. 

Is He Black? 

Currently, there is some speculation that the young rapper may or may not be black but we are here to set the record straight. He certainly does have lighter skin that could confuse people. Whatever he chooses to identify is certainly up to him. However, it has been stated that the young rapper is of a mixed-race. 

How He Was Discovered

Echols released his first song, “So Bad” in 2016 on his Soundcloud. Shortly afterward his popularity skyrocketed on the platform and the song received 50,000 views. “When my SoundCloud started getting like 200k, and this was last year for my song ‘Off White.’ That was my first one and it started at like 50k, before ‘Pull Up.’ People didn’t know who I was, but they still knew my sound. I was just dropping on SoundCloud and made a video for ‘Pull Up,’ and now I’m here.” The rapper said at the time.    He said that it was an honor and a shock that people started paying attention to him. With all the artists that are available and putting out music on Soundcloud, it is easy for people to glance over artists and just forget about the next. Echols was different he got a lot of local support telling complex the time, ” Yeah. Everyone around me was just listening to it in my city. And it just kept getting farther. Because the first day it hit 10k, the second day it hit, like, 30, then it hit 60, then, like, a hundred, 180. Then it kept going [up] to a million”    Later that year the rapper won fourth place at the Coast 2 Coast Live Seattle All Ages Edition and starting touring. The showcase was his first ever and the rapper claims that he was nervous. He said, “I remember I was with all the bros; we were chillin’. I was nervous, but it just went away when I got onstage. Then I was like, yeah, I wanna keep doing this.” Shortly after Echols signed his first major record deal and started working on his first full-length album. “I had a lot of meetings with labels back then.    I chose Interscope because I like the people there and the environment that was there. And the fact that not a lot of people get signed to Interscope,” he told Complex about his decision to go with Interscope. Luckily he chose to go with the label because he immediately began working on music. His first track released on a commercial level was “Pull Up.” The song was viewed over 25 million times on YouThe 16 months after its initial release.    Considering rappers measure their popularity with music platforms, it should come to no surprise that the more views on YouTube the more revenue comes in. Being popular means being an influencer on the internet. So it should come to no surprise to anyone, that Echols also is turning into a real influencer.    In early March of 2018, the young rapper released his second commercial single entitled “Back Proof” and that song had over 13 million views a year after its release. Four months later, he released his next single “Noticed” to more acclaim.    This time, however, he got to work on a video with acclaimed director Cole Bennet and his cousin Jesus Sevilla. Again, the rapper scored another 10 million views two weeks after its release. In the video, Echols and his friends are shown living a jet-set life in an experienced apartment overlooking an extremely beautiful and tropical location.   Echols claimed that when he got his start many other industry professionals kept trying to lift him into the spotlight. Seeing the potential in Echols is easy. He is someone that you want to root for. One of the musicians that believed in Lil Mosey happened to be his friend Lil Xan. He brought him onstage at one of his shows to help perform.    The rapper recalls, “That was my first real performance as an established artist. I met Steve Cannon in L.A.—they were staying at my hotel. They invited us to some function and then they told me they had a show in Seattle. They just asked if I wanted to come out as a special guest.”   The fall of 2018 was another successful time for Echols. His first full-length commercial album was released. The title of this album was called Northsbest by Mogul Vison. The album received favorable reviews by critics and placed him in the spotlight. In 2019 Northbest was released with an extended version. “Bust One Down Cartier” was the added single to already album. The album peaked at position 29 on the US Billboard Charts.    In November of that year, Echols released his second studio album entitled “Certified HItmaker” which earned him a coveted spot in XXL magazine’s Freshman Class. Later that year he went on an international tour to support the album. He sold out quite a few shows in addition to solidifying himself as not just a young face. He is truly talented and will make it far in his career. The album did span up to 14 tracks and sold quite a few units after its release.    Certified Hitmaker featured a lot of the biggest names in the game you have probably heard of. Chris Brown was featured on the song “G Walk” and “Stuck In Dreams” featured the rapper Gunna. There were quite a few other contributions as well and those were Trippie Redd, AJ Tracey, and producer Royce David. The album is available for purchase and streaming on all major platforms and wherever you get your music.    The rapper has been known to stay loyal to one particular beatmaker throughout his career and that is Royce David. He said, “He just knows exactly what I like. He engineers me, too, so he knows exactly how much Auto-Tune I use and different stuff like that. I don’t use that much Auto-Tune.”    And while his decision to go with this beatmaker has worked out for him in the past, ultimately he wants to his beats. He told Complex magazine that once he has more time and more of an income and prolific reputation he will spend the time making his beats. But for now, he is sticking with Royce David.    SOURCES:


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