RapTV Presents: 2021 Rap Madness

The second annual Rap Madness tournament is here.

Last year we birthed this event upon the realization that there was a dire need for entertainment amidst the wrath of quarantine that was coming down upon us.

To keep the tradition alive, we will again determine who the Best Rapper of the Year is with the help of you and the rest of our following.

64 of the industry’s top rappers will be facing one another once again, tournament-style.

How Do I Get Involved?

The underlying goal of this tournament is to award the title of “Best Rapper” to the artist who deserves it the most; this can only be determined by allowing the majority holder of votes at the end of each round to advance.

In order to ensure that your votes are accounted for and that not a single round is missed, follow these steps:

  1. Follow our Instagram, @rap, to keep up daily with the results and status of your favorite rapper’s status within the bracket.
  2. You must view and vote in our Instagram Story for your vote to be eligible; this will be the only way to cast your vote so make sure you stay tuned to each round accordingly.
  3. Stay tuned and tapped in with us on our socials until we announce the winner of each round.
  4. Subscribe to our Newsletter and Youtube channel to tune in to the full analysis that follows each matchup.


You MUST vote on our IG story in order for your voice to be heard.

Each round will be 24 hours in length to fully allow for all of the votes to be accounted for.

We will mimic the style of the traditional March Madness which includes rounds for the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and the Final Four.

Vote wisely and we wish your favorite rapper the best of luck; do not forget to tune in on IG to stay in touch with everything regarding this tournament.


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